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İngilizce Kitap Özeti Harry potter and the order of the phoenix J.K. Rowling When you start reading the summary of the story you might need to take a look at

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Standart Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix door J.K. Rowling

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Harry potter and the order of the phoenix J.K. Rowling When you start reading the summary of the story you might need to take a look at the characterizing first. Also it can be a little bit difficult to understand because of the fact that this is already the fifth book in the row. So you miss a lot of background information. plot The book that I have read starts in the holidays. Harry is living with his uncle and aunt in little whinging and nothing spectacular is happening. But then there does happen something, there appear two dementors. These are creatures that live on the souls of people. While protecting himself and his brother, he defeats the dementors with magic. As a result, Harry receives several letters from the ministry of magic. Eventually he will have to go to court for violating the law. But then suddenly harry is brought to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix in London for his own safety. There he sees his best friends again, Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger. He is told that Lord Voldemort is seeking for new followers and a special weapon. Eventually harry goes to court along with Arthur Weasly, who is Ronald***8217;s father and works there. There he meets Albus Dumnledore, who appears to be the one who is defending harry during the trial. Harry is acquitted and returns to the order. After a while the school starts again. Harry, Ronald and Hermione go to Hogwartz again. At school there is talked a lot about Harry. Harry has seen how Lord Voldemort had returned. But the newspapers say that he is lying. Besides that, is the minister, Cornelius fudge, refusing to believe that Lord Voldemort lives again. At school there is a new defenses against the dark arts teacher, professor Umbridge. She is on behalf of the minister and is arranged to keep an eye on the things happening on Hogwartz. But after a while, she begins to seriously interfere with the school. She begins to view the classes. And bad teachers are getting fired. But she herself is very bad at teaching. So Hermione suggests that Harry is going to teach. A few people want to be student of harry so they plan a meeting. Unfortunately Umbridge discovers the secret class so any form of groups immediately got prohibited at school. But then someone finds a secret room in the castle where they still can meet secretly. While all this was going on, Harry had nightmares. If he has a nightmare, he can see anything through the eyes of Lord Voldemoord. Albus Dumbledore thinks this is dangerous and he wants Harry to learn how to close his mind of. So harry gets lessons, unfortunately is his teacher professor Severus Snape, that he hates most of al teachers. Time goes by and after a certain period things really went wrong. First of al Harry***8217;s class got betrayed and when Albus takes the blame he is arrested. Luckily is Albus the best wizard ever-lifed zo het escapes before they even could touch him. The school has a less happy ending. Umbridge becomes headmaster of the school and things starting to go even worse. Harry who stil hassn***8217;t learnd how to close his mind of gets a new dream. He sees his godfather getting tortured by Lord Voldemord. He decides to go and rescue him. Together with a few of his students he goes to the ministry of magic where he saw it all happening. But everything he had seen was fake it was a trap. Instead of finding his father he found something that lord Voldemord wanted him to grab because he couldn***8217;t do it himself. A group of Voldemord***8217;s followers reveal themself and there is a fight. The members of the order of the phoenix arrive and start fighting ass well. Under them is Sirius black who gets killed during the fight. At the end even Voldemord shows up. There is a huge fight between Voldemord and albus, the only one who Voldemord fears. Lord Voldemord looses the fight and leaves the ministry before albus can do something. But just before he is gone, the minister arrives and sees him. No he can no langer denie that Voldemord is dead. At the end of the story, albus and harry have a conversation. When they are done talking is the book also almost at his end. Best part The part I liked most in the book was the part in the ministry of magic. When the order of the phoenix and the students of Harry***8217;s class where battling against the followers of Voldemord. Also the part where the 2 most powerful wizards of al time fought together was very entertaining. ***8195; Characterizing Harry potter is the main character of the story. He is about 15 years old in the story, His hair is black, he wears glasses and he has a scar on his head shaped like a thunderbolt. Harry is very friendly and has 2 great friends, Ronald and Hermione. But Harry potter is not a normal boy he is actually a wizard. But even in the world filled with magic is harry still not normal. He is the only one who has ever survived the most deadly spell on the world. Besides that he also immediately killed the wizard who tried to put that spell on him. It is the second most powerful wizard of all time, Lord Voldemord who took the spell when it reflected on Harry***8217;s head. But he has returned and at the end of this book they discover that only harry can kill him. Ronald weasley is one of the best friends of harry. He is tall, thin and red haired. They have met eachother in the first book and have been together since. Ronals is fast irritated and jealous, but in general he is a very nice guy. Hermione Granger is also one of the best friends of harry. She has brown curly hair and is immense smart. She***8217;s a bit of a nerd. Just like Ronald, are Hermione and harry already friends since the first grade. Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of the school Hogwartz. He is the most powerfull wizard on the world and the only one where Lord Voldemord is afraid for. He is very nice to everybody and is always polite. He and harry have a special band. Sirius black is Harry***8217;s godfather. He is almost the only family that harry has left. The rest are all killed, harry is really fond of Sirius. Sirius is someone who likes action, he has black hair and a beard. He can also transform himself into a wolf. Severus Snape despises harry and harry despises snape. They are enemies for life. Snape has dark hair that always hangs in frond of his head. He is very dark terms personality. Cornelius Fudge Fudge is the minister of magic and he absolutely refuses to believe that Lord Voldemort has risen again. He also put Professor Umbridge at Hogwarts and he ordered her to take over the place. Delores Jane Umbridge is almost the devil herself. She hates everything what isn***8217;t pure or organized. She is terrorizing the school in this book Lord Voldemort is the most evil wizard of the century and he will stop at nothing to destroy Harry. He attempted to kill Harry when he was just one year old. But his mother sacrificed her life for him so Voldemort could not touch Harry. Voldemort fled the county and made several attempts to regain his power. And it worked. In Harry***8217;s fourth year he manages to get all his powers back. So now he wanted to destroy Harry. Lord Voldemort has always said that the only wizard who counts is one of full blood, while he himself is not. ***8195;
My Opinion I liked the book very much, it is one of the few books that was actually fun to read. There is a lot of tension and you just want to keep on reading. I to liked the fact that there are really happening things, unlike the other books I have read; this one really has a story with action. Physic development, magic fights and lots of different personages.
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